Laurel Hill Cemetery

Did you know that Laurel Hill Cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery in Saco (in my opinion), This cemetery is different from other cemetery’s because of the wild life, Mostly the flowers. I just came from the cemetery and I took a couple of pictures that I love. This one might be my favorite but my favorite flower is lilacs, but I couldn’t find one.

This one was my favorite

I knew that Thornton Academy High School is just had there graduation, so this flower down below caught my eye. Thornton academy is a beautiful place I might do that for my next post.

Even though this isn’t a flower I thought it was very pretty.

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Welcome to My Blog

Hello, This is my blog called World Around Us. What I do is go to a park, cemetery, school or anything outside and take pictures of pretty things like flowers trees or oceans whatever I take a picture of goes on my blog. Like I went to the young school park a couple days ago.

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